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Mr. Samuel

Nalima Samuel Eliya | Founder / Chairperson

Nalima Samuel Eliya, the esteemed Founder and CEO of the Aids Relief Programme, has dedicated his life to combating the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS in communities around the world. With unwavering determination and a compassionate heart, he has spearheaded numerous initiatives to provide support, education, and resources to those affected by this global health crisis.

Through his visionary leadership, Nalima has transformed the landscape of AIDS relief efforts, pioneering innovative approaches to prevention, treatment, and advocacy. His commitment to empowering individuals and eradicating stigma has inspired countless others to join the cause and make a difference in the lives of those impacted by the disease.

As a trailblazer in the field of public health, Nalima Samuel Eliya stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through passion, perseverance, and a steadfast belief in the inherent dignity of every human being. His legacy will continue to inspire future generations to strive for a world where AIDS is no longer a threat, but a distant memory of a time when individuals like Nalima dared to dream of a better tomorrow.

Mr. Samuel

Kyangwa Enock | Secretary General

Enock Kyangwa serves as the Secretary General of the Aids Relief Programme, where he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to the organization's mission. With a background in public health and a passion for helping those in need, Kyangwa has been instrumental in expanding the reach of the programme to provide vital support to communities affected by HIV/AIDS.

Under Kyangwa's guidance, the Aids Relief Programme has implemented innovative strategies to increase access to healthcare services, raise awareness about prevention methods, and reduce the stigma associated with the disease. His commitment to transparency and accountability has earned the trust of donors and partners, ensuring the sustainability of the programme's initiatives.

Kyangwa's tireless efforts to advocate for those affected by HIV/AIDS have made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals. His strategic vision and compassionate leadership continue to drive the Aids Relief Programme towards achieving its goal of creating a world free from the burden of HIV/AIDS. 

Mr. Samuel

Acan Ruth Mirembe | Treasurer

Acan Ruth Mirembe, the esteemed Treasurer of the Aids Relief Programme, embodies dedication, integrity, and excellence in her role. With a profound commitment to financial transparency and accountability, she ensures that every penny is meticulously accounted for and allocated towards the noble cause of aiding those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mirembe's astute financial acumen and strategic planning skills have been instrumental in securing funding and managing the organization's budget effectively. Her ability to navigate complex financial landscapes with precision and foresight has enabled the Aids Relief Programme to expand its reach and impact, providing vital support to vulnerable communities.

Beyond her financial prowess, Mirembe is a compassionate leader who leads by example, inspiring her colleagues to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and compassion in their work. Her unwavering dedication to serving others and making a difference in the world sets her apart as a true humanitarian and role model for all.


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