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ARP works with youth and child caregivers in underserved communities to improve their entrepreneurship and vocational skills to enable them start businesses and/or get jobs. ARP also links them to internships and microfinance opportunities. We also assist younger youth to resume school.

The World Bank estimates that 17% of youth (15- 24 years) in Kenya who are available and seeking for employment are unemployed. The government of Kenya estimates that 80% of those unemployed are below 35 years and 90% of these lack requisite skills. The lack of employment leads to inadequate utilization of available health services and increases vulnerability of youth to HIV infection. Children and youth from poor and vulnerable households are more likely to drop out of school, be separated from their siblings, and be exposed to all forms of abuse, such as exploitation, sexual abuse and neglect, and to suffer psychosocial trauma.

ARP is working to alleviate the vulnerability that is brought by limited and inadequate sources of livelihood among the populations we serve.

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